Size Chart



All wigs are factory constructed. The cap sizes are all constructed the same and typically fit up to 22" comfortably. Only SOME styles are able to fit up to 23". MOST wigs come with adjustable straps and combs. The wigs are NOT able to be made in custom sizes and if you have a LARGER size head (24"+) the wigs will likely not fit your head comfortably. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. However, wigs that do not fit we will not offer a refund. Please see the detailed description for each wig. If you have questions about the wig size / cap size please email us PRIOR to placing an order.   



Customizing By Me Includes

✅Cutting off The Lace 

✅Plucking The Part 

✅Concealer Added To The Lace Part 

✅ Light Styling 

⚠️Unfortunately We will not be able to do any custom cuts. or Custom designs to any of our wigs.

✅Light Product Added To The Wig, Dry Shampoo (too dull the shin), Leave In Conditioner (cream), Detangling Spray, Leave In Conditioner Spray, Silicone Spray. ALL Products are not used on every wig but maybe used if I decide if it need it.

⚠️If you have sensitivity to smell, or Prefer your Lace not to be cut Please Provide a Note when placing your order